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Winnipeg’s Patrik Laine faces off against onetime idol Alex Ovechkin
01.11.2016 23:24

Winnipeg - As Finland's Patrik Lana began to dump the puck over Russia in the World Championship this summer, Alex Ovechkin skated in his direction, Lana still left on the table.

Ovechkin is one of the names, bruising body check. Laine's reaction? Giddy.

"I will wash this Jersey because he hit me," Ramos told reporters after the game. "He mea'olu'olu to play against him, and ka'olu'olu to see the top of the world with a baseball, not so far."

Laine had grown up admiring Ovechkin and watched him hit after just like one. I put patients first time competing in his favorite player, and on Tuesday night, and Ovechkin will share Nhl ice for the first time in Washington the head, when he visited Winnipeg. Less than 10 games in the 18-year-old Cage's career, he was, like Ovechkin as the Elite goal scorer.

For Laine, Tuesday's game, use the time to continue to build his legacy. At the very least, do not know the fear that flashes in the World Championship.

"It is exciting to play against your idols," says Lana. "It is just amazing to play against him, but now it is normal."

But Ovechkin is flatter look up Lana him, Blackhawks Jersey, and were impressed indeed in the eye again in the league, he is ready to relinquish his title as the most dangerous goal scorer in Nhl the right, for 31.

"I am not old, but he'olu'olu to hear from different baseball and that his image, and anything like that," Ovechkin said. "When I was a kid, I watched baseball different needs, and I try to look like them. It can get."

Mom and skilled younger baseball as Edmonton's Connor McDavid, Toronto's Auston Matthews and William Nylander, and Winnipeg's Shannon was among the league leader made baseball and to initiate the season, messenger of the move and thought in the Nhl the trending up speed. Ovechkin said "have fun, watching children," but he's also on the seventh of the season, with 50 goals, and has shown no signs of the reappearance of it.

"I went alone to A in laila'ae also," Ovechkin said with a laugh.

Laine and skating in Winnipeg over the center line and Mark Scheifele is a paha'o him and Ovechkin will receive their lines against each other frequently on Tuesday night. The No. 2 overall ka'ohi'ana in the draft this summer, Lana in the league, leading six goals and two assist in nine games played. Ovechkin is not far behind with four goals and two assist in o'ewalu games.

Grew Lana came to study baseball to hiki'ai, and the 6-foot-5 right-shoot Finnish winger was naturally drawn to Ovechkin, a Russian 6-foot-3, Jonathan Toews, 239-pound right -pana to him every ounce of its offshore natural in his bigger shot. Laine's goals began when the majority came from the left faceoff circle places, also the mea'ala where Ovechkin on the ice. Ovechkin his patent one-way, while Ramos was quick wrister -hookuu.

"He's got a quick release that he put it in a really small window, like a real good quarterback," heads, Coach Barry Troz said.

One Laine tried to pattern his game after Ovechkin?

"Perhaps more than when I was younger," Laine said. "Now I go alone, to be me and play my game. But I Fashion watching the hailona'ana over the years."

Craig button, the TSN Director of the host, and former general manager of the Calgary flame, said Lana glory and more legendary sniper Brett enjoyable than Ovechkin. "I compare the two, how, if I go to use a basketball analogy, I want to Ovi and LeBron, Patrick Kane, and Lana's more like Kobe Bryant. As prolific, but, prolific in na'ano kau, "said buttons. But some similarity button is like Ovechkin, Lana was always to be a 50-goal scorer in the Nhl.

"He can beat you many na'ano kau," said buttons. "He can beat you with a tough shot, they can overcome you, and the whole shoot, they can beat you in a rush, they release more and you know, you were sharpshooters. the goaltenders ... now they know that when [the Ovechkin] on the ice, they saw the shot coming from, and this time can not stop it. he did the same with Laine. "

Ovechkin Lana come to fetch his opponents in their first Nhl wits against each other on Tuesday night. Ovechkin finished with Lana in the suburbs.

"We have the skills, or the scorer nui'ae also," Ovechkin said. "He hiki'ai 50 and 60 goals if he's going to continue to play like him."


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